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 All adoptions are free,  all dogs are wormed, given pet meds, shots,
and spayed or neutered at
no cost to you.

(Donations, large or small are greatly appreciated.)


Shelter hours are from 3:30pm-5:30pm everyday.  Someone is there everyday at that time, seven days a week.  If you can’t come during that time, you can call Kate and she will make arrangements to meet you at the shelter.


Adopt a pet and add a lot 
of joy to your life!


Checotah (Happy Paws) Winter Tips

Keeping your outdoor dog regularly groomed will help maintain a healthy hair coat and provide proper insulation. Shorthaired dogs will have a difficult time in cold weather and it is not recommended to keep these breeds outdoors. Long thick hair coats provide excellent insulation but mats and debris caught in the hair will diminish the insulation effect. Keep the coat brushed and free of mats.


Dogs kept outdoors in the winter will use more energy to keep their body temperature regulated. In order to keep your dog healthy, extra calories will be needed to supply the extra energy. Make sure your dog is offered a good quality dog food. Offering more food in the winter will help supply the extra calories.

Water is also important in the winter. Provide fresh water daily. Snow and ice are not acceptable substitutes for fresh water. Check the water every so often to make sure it hasn't frozen over.

Health Concerns

In the wintertime, dogs are more susceptible to illness. Carefully monitor your dog to catch any illness early. Frostbite is a potential hazard, especially for dogs not offered proper housing. The tips of the ears, tail and feet are particularly susceptible.

Exposure to salt and ice melts can be a hazard if these products are used near the dog. The dog may walk in the salt and ingest some while licking paws. Ingestion of salt or other products used to melt ice can lead to gastrointestinal upset, burns of the esophagus or stomach or burns on the pads of the feet.

Exposure to cold weather, especially associated with high winds, can result in a low body temperature. Hypothermia can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Keep all automotive items away from your dog. Many people change antifreeze in the fall; exposure to antifreeze can be deadly. Make sure your dog is safely confined away from any toxic or dangerous chemicals.

Veterinary Care

Annual physical exams are very important in the outdoor dog. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of illness is important. Make sure your outdoor dog is adequately protected from disease by vaccination. Have your dog checked for intestinal parasites and properly dewormed.



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