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Bill came in 2/06/13 with Bill. Greatgrandpa went right up to him. Bill held him for a long time then had to leave. ggp really loved this guy. Well Bill left and came right back and said I got to take ggp home. He brought ggp in to see us yesterday and he looked good and was so happy. He was really happy to see me. Bill said he has his own pillow and blanket on his bed and he sleeps with him everynight. It was so good to see him happy.





Sissy has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has settled great in. She is a lovable an caring, plus she is a lap dog. We love her to death





Hi, Mary Jo!

We made it back just fine and the boys' reunion was one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Perry ran over as soon as he saw Sheldon and tackled him, put his paw on him as if to say, I'm never letting you go again! They romped, played, and snuggled all night. As we speak, they're outside playing and running around with our little boys. Sheldon is much more outgoing and playful with his brother. They're clearly making up for lost time. Sheldon has taken to my 5 year old, Ben, as 'his'boy and follows him everywhere which is great as Perry does the same with my 2 year old, Zachary. My cats have finally found their courage and come out of hiding. It took them awhile to realize there were actually 2 dogs and not just one who was all over the place. :) all in all, life is great and we're looking forward to a lifetime of love and fun with our sweet boys. :)

Thank you so much for all your help with the boys!!


Thought y'all would like to know about Ben and Jerry, the Great Pyrenees puppies abandoned in OK. They are now Perry and Sheldon and with the same family in NE. What a wonderful ending to a very sad beginning. Thanks to all of you who helped this happen. Gives me goose bumps to be part of it!!!...Mary Jo





Hey Guys,  Bella is doing great.  She gets along good with all the other dogs.  Even Keeper, the cat is her friend.. Tug of War with Karma is her favorite game.  She looks forwar to her morning run with Michele... Always ready for a snack...  Thanks Again... Mark and Michele


April---------- Now called Emma daffodil



Just wanted to say thank you so much for Emma daffodil Campbell! She now lives the princess life she always meant to have. She is such a loving dog and so eager to please us. She is a great addition to our family.





Ronnie is doing great! He loves his new home and family. He gets along really well with our other dog (Cleo) and the kids love him. He is full of energy and is catching on to new tricks and routines quickly. We love him a lot and want to thank Checotah Animal shelter for all they do, and have done for us!




Marcey, aka "Sue"


Just wanted to send an update and a HUGE thank you for this wonderful addition to our family! She is THE best dog ever!!! She has such a wonderful personality, she is SO smart, I've never had such a great dog! She loves living on the farm, chasing the cows, swimming in the ponds, following the boys everywhere on the 4- wheeler, jumping across the hay bales, keeping the rabbits out of the garden and all the other jobs that come with being a great farm dog. She is so happy and its contagious, you can't be outside without her making you smile. Such a blessing to our whole family :o)


Jax, Harley and Emma


Hi ladies! This is Lee and as I promised I would write back and tell you how adopting these wonderful fur-babies has brought so much happiness into our lives...especially mine. In 2008 I lost my job of 3.5 years, I was devastated but knew before-hand it was coming...politics are just that way I guess. Anyway I still was raising my 17 yr old daughter, my son and his wife and new baby and I had just begun a new relationship with a wonderful man after being widowed twice and being alone for the past eight years...little did I know that this man would become my husband. Should not have been a surprise, because we both share a great love for animals. The next two summers I had become pretty ill and did not know why, but it seemed as if I would become so ill during the summer months that it was very hard to function normally. My doctor ran numerous tests and said it was probably a virus I had contracted and just couldn't shake off due to handling one of my baby-ducks that was attacked by a skunk. He (duck) was one of five babies my husband had bought me and I raised them from lil' peeps so I had to try and save then even after the skunk killed 2 of my babies. Pretty soon, I became far more ill and had a constant pounding in my ears /head, I had lost my up-close vision totally and was running out of ideas as to what had been causing me to be so ill. At that time, my daughter Terrie told me of a wonderful lady named Kate in Checotah who had dogs/puppies for adoption. I was too ill to travel but by then my now husband David and I decided we would like to add a member of fuzzy puppy likeness to our family. Terrie sent me pics of several of Kate's dogs at the shelter and one in particular "Pretty Boy" a shepherd-mix looked like he could use some love. He was brought to us by my daughter and when he got here he was very skiddish of men. I assume prior to him being at Checotah Shelter that someone had probably beat him. We even brought him in our home trying to bring him out of his shell...he was obviously very frightened. It took several months of spoiling him and lots of human contact before he learned to trust us and that he would no longer be hurt by anyone ever again. This past summer he became my ice-cream buddy and on very hot days we would share a popsicle or! No one could ever tell to see him now what a rough start he had, he is a big boy! He has a buddy (Dog) whom we acquired through a lil' 80 yr old man who could no longer care for her. He is the big blonde boy in the pics I have enclosed. Over the last two years "pretty-boy' now Jax is his human mommy's buddy, he has given me his heart and his love even when I couldn't talk to my husband or kids of my medical problem (I was diagnosed in Dec.2010) with a brain aneurysm. I recently went back for an angiogram in 2011 and after many Prayers, the love of my husband, children, friends and of course and never the least the love and companionship of my fur-babies Jax, Dog, Harley, Baby, Emma and Nanuk I was told by my neuro-surgeon that the aneurysm had been healing itself! How's that for the power of love that is unconditional and prayer. I still believe too had that lil' duck had not been sick, I probably would have never found out I had an aneurysm that could have killed me...I am so grateful for the love of my family and friends and the un-dying devotion/love that my fur-babies give to me everyday. JAX, HARLEY AND EMMA were all adopted from the Checotah Animal Shelter and I would highly recommend their facility if you are looking for a best fur-babie friend that will take over your heart and always give back that un-conditional love that only our 4 legged (and some-time 2-3 legged) babies can do! Thank you so much Kate, Debbie and the volunteers @ the shelter...God bless each and everyone of you for all you do for these wonderful critters!! Sincerely, Lee
> *enclosed are pics of Emma (the smallest) Harley (the darker of the two bigger ones) and Baby our lil girl we rescued shortly before Jax came into our lives. And of course Jax and Dog, I swear he is smiling/laughing in the one





Hello, My name is Cheryl Case and my family and I came in on 12-30-11 and picked up the sweetest baby we have ever seen. Her name is Leila, she has come into our lives and made us the happiest family!!!! I'm adding some pictures and will be sending you lots more!!! Me and my family want to thank you all so much for bringing us together, we love her as much as she loves us. I also want to say that you guys were the sweetest to us and we want to thank you for being so kind to us and allowing us to bring home our little angel. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and thank you again for everything!!!!
Allen,Cheryl and Leila!




Hi, it's been a bit over a month since I adopted Suzy the long haired Chihuahua, which I renamed Gidget. She has become a total fixture in my life. She's always wanting to snuggle, and has become a foot warmer, because she is always at someone's feet while on the bed. She's an amazing little dog, and I am so glad that I adopted her. She's definitely become my little girl. She's quite pampered as well. She's even become playful. Thank you so much for allowing her to become part of my family.

Thank you,






We adopted Boomer when he was 6 weeks old and he was the runt of the liter. He's turning a year old on nov15th. He loves to play with his dachshund sister that's 4. He's a funny little Guy he loves to play all day. He does have a hard to break habit of jumping on the kitchen chair to see if there's any left over food on the table lol. He is a social butterfly doesn't meet a stranger he gets to howling/crying he just gets sooo excited very sweet boy we love him so much. Everyone at the shelter is awesome, I take him to visit and he's always excited to see everyone.

Cheeto Pico de Gallo


This little fellow is Cheeto Pico de Gallo. When he was at the shelter his name was Co Co. He lives here in OKC with 3 brothers and a sister. He stays by my side constantly so I call him my shadow. He is precious to me and I am forever thankful for my shadow. One pic is of my brother delivering Cheeto to me at Shawnee.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Donna Nole

Miss Suzie Rae


Here's a picture of Miss Suzie Rae - the lab mix we adopted on the 13th.  She's made herself right at home and rules the roost.  (She does mind her Daddy but I'm just a lap as far as she's concerned.)  She's spoiled rotten but we love her to pieces! 

Thank you for all the good you're doing for the animals and their new parents! 

Ray & Sheryl Hardcastle 

PS - Take stock in tennis balls.  She can lose them quicker than anything!


Charli and Chewy


Thank you so much!

 Here are some pics..Charli with her BFF Chewy..he's a Chiweenie that my boyfriend adopted from Paws here in muskogee.

Charli is so smart..she has learned to sit, shake, dance for treats...her favorite thing to do is lay in my lap and just chill out! She does really well now with my 3 1/2 yr old grandbaby. 

You know..the first time I looked at your website and saw her pic, there was something in her eyes that told me that she was my dog..knowing nothing about her at all, I never waivered from her. I looked at her pic everyday for a week, and everytime I did, I wanted her more. couldn't wait to get her and I'm so glad that I did! 

Thank you for everything! -) 




This is Reese's.  We adopted her in June for my daughter who was suffering from depression after her father passed away.  I have 4 children and while she is definitely my 15-year-old's puppy, she has bonded well with the whole family.  She has been a great addition.  She is kennel trained, pretty much potty trained and will sit on command.  She is growing like a weed :) Thank you for your service. 

The Streeter-Simon Family




"We adopted our Chihuahua, Abby, around a month ago. She is the sweetest little thing. Her and our Great Dane, Harley, have bonded together really well. She is not as scared and shy as she was when we first got her. She gets along with other dogs and visitors we have also. She gets lots of love and attention. Her favorite thing is to cuddle with us and sleep in our laps. We don't need a leash when we walk with her because she sticks right next to us. Every morning she likes to go with us in the car to take the kids to school. We love her very much and we are glad she is part of our family."




Just wanted to say hi from me and Carrie.. Carrie is doing great. She s spoiled , loved ,etc . Its been 3 months I still am as excited over her like a kid in a candy store.
I look every other day or so she looks so different. Her coat is beautiful.. She sleeps right by me.
I know I have said thank you to you and staff, I really am thankful.. I am glad her life was saved.
I can promise and do know she is happy. I am going order her a coat boots and a t shirt pink with rhinestones its says rescued .
Tell kate and staff hello . Keep in touch

Carrie and Stephanie


Checotah Shelter and the GREAT staff :)


I wanted to give you a update on my baby girl "Carrie ". We just had the one month anniversary on
9/14/11. I don't have a word or words to express how much I love my english bulldog :) On  May 17th I sent a
email asking if the shelter may have one up for adoption . Shortly after sending the email a member of the shelter staff
Debbie told me no english bulldogs were at the shelter. She let me know if one arrived at the shelter, she would contact me.
July 30th 2011 I checked my email . I saw that it was from Debbie at the shelter. Well my english bulldog had arrived.
I was so excited !

Debbie told me she was abused , full of ticks and half straved to death. Attached to the email was a picture of her. First think I thought how could anyone let her or any animal be abused ?  She was very underweight and I was more than ready to be her mama , give her a home and  lots of love :) I was already making plans after saying YES I love and want her.

My baby girl is one of the greatest blessings I have ever in my life received. Along with the blessing of just getting her, I got the :package" deal. English bulldogs most likely come with a costly adoption fee. I not only didn't have to pay an adoption fee, but she
was spayed , her shots up to date and had to have surgery for the removal of stones. Kate another staff member noticed something
was wrong . The stones were hurting her .. Thanks again Kate for realizing it :)

The shelter is amazing. Before any adoption they have to get a clean bill of health. They want homes of course for the babies but
they want to make sure the babies have great homes and owners. The shelter isn't a type that gets them and fetch to anyone to
just get rid of them.

I want to praise Glover Vet that looks over the babies before going to a new home. I highly recommend adoption . I have found it very rewarding and the rewards only get better. I am happy I have her to love , care for and spoil :) She's doing amazing ! Her coat is shiny!
She never has to worry about her next time to eat ! She's the perfect size now :) I am a very proud mama and I am pretty sure she's
very happy..

Check out the shelter .. rescue one that doesn't know what love is .. than watch the change .. its priceless .. it becomes your
bestest friend :)

 thank you thank you thank you ..
Carrie is everything in a bulldog and more :)

We will keep in touch ..  We will come down that way some time and visit.

Steph my baby girl (carrie)




        Herman  &    ManMan

Update: 11/27/11

It has been awhile since I sent an update about my two special babies, Herman and ManMan. So I thought since Man-Man just came back from the groomers today and Herman enjoyed his doggy day out last week I would update you.


Herman is still maintaining without any medication for his COPD and emphysema. He is still very anxious and has a fear of being left so he follows me everywhere I go. He does not like the doggy seat belt and somehow manages to escape and hang that little tongue out like a rebel without a cause. He loves his sweaters but prefers to only wear them when out and about to look good for the public. He manages to get it off once we get home and manages to place it in the wicker basket full of dog toys. Not sure why or how he knows to put it there other than he knows it is his spot. He sleeps on a pillow at the top of the bed between me and my husband and loves to wake us up in the mornings for his walk.


Man-Man is doing wonderfully. He maintains his Mohawk that he had when we first got him and wears a sweater now to stay warm. He doesn't mind his sweater being on when inside but prefers not to wear it when he wants his back scratched. He prefers to sleep on a pink camouflage bed that was intended for one of the other girl dogs that he shares the house with but they have gladly let him have it, as you can see in the picture, unless it is night time in which he prefers to cuddle up at my feet with my electric blanket. ManMan still does not seem to realize that he is minus a hind leg and is getting along as if he never had an issue.


We have continued to take them to Honor Heights Vet as well as the groomers there because they know them and really lavish them with love and compassion.


I am so thankful to have these two wonderful babies in my life. They have truly become "my babies" and I cannot imagine life without them.


Thank you for allowing me to share in their lives!


Barbie Moore


Update: 6/18/11

I wanted to let you all know that Herman and ManMan are doing great. We just returned from the vet as we got our stitches out today. I wanted to take Herman in and have him double checked due to the Congestive Heart Failure. We got a diagnosis change. The doc says we have Emphysema. Right now he will need no meds but as he ages we may have to place him on some.

 The doc says ManMan is doing amazingly well. When I took the babies in the nurses flocked to both of them. ManMan got lots and lots of kisses and so much attention that he didn't want to leave the room. Herman got doted on and enjoyed his treat. The doc says ManMan is all clear and doesn't have to return unless he has another issue or in a year when shots are due again. Herman will have to have regular visits...however we are optimistic that he will be fine.

They are both adapting very well to their new environment and have taken over the house. "ManMan is the boss of the bed and one of the recliners. Herman has the other recliner and my lap.

 We are SO glad we took both of these wonderful babies. We have already fallen in love with them..

Thank you for allowing us to share our life with them.

Barbie Moore



ManMan and Herman went to the groomers yesterday and had their "doggy day out". They love their new doo's.
I can't thank you enough for allowing to me have these two special "boys" in my life.
I can't imagine a day without them.




I adopted a collie/heeler/shepherd mix puppy yesterday and just wanted to let you know that he is settling in with me just fine.  I am profoundly deaf and had to put my service animal to sleep this week.  This was rather sudden so I had not made arrangements for a new service animal.  With a three year waiting list to receive another service animal, I was left with no choice but to train my own, which is why I visited you yesterday.

I named the puppy Neville and have found him to be quite intelligent and eager to please.  He is already responding to his name and to several commands (sit, leave it, come, stop and no).  He has adjusted to walking on a leash and is already picking up on the leash training and housebreaking (has not had an accident in the house yet).  He is very responsive to sound so even though he has not been trained to respond to sound (that training will come later), he is already alerting me to my phone, door and alarm clock through his own natural responses.  He is a very alert dog and has an amazing attention span during training sessions.  He seems to be picking up new commands after 2 or 3 sessions, which is amazing.   

I have ordered his training vest and should have it next week.  He still has a lot of training ahead of him and I will try to keep you updated on how the training is going.  For now, I just wanted you to know that he will have a life full of adventure as he will go everywhere I go and he will have a life of purpose and love.

Thank you for taking care of him and the other dogs that you give a home to while they wait for their permanent home.  Without you, Neville would never have come into my life at the time I needed him the most.

Tammie D. Willis, M.M., M.Ed.

Update: June 2, 20111

Here is one taken outside after a training session. (The picture above)  I should have his service dog in training cape next week.  I'll be sure to send you one where he is wearing it. 

He is doing wonderfully with the training.  He has already mastered or nearly mastered 6 of the 15 basic commands and is starting to pick up on the leash training.  He is also, setting quietly for up to 2 hours at a time at work.  (He works for 2 hours and has puppy play time for a half hour).  He has sat through a variety of staff meetings with a variety of people and has performed beautifully. 

For the most part, he is house broken (I didn't get the door open in time this morning which led to his first accident since he came home with me) and is just a joy to have around.  Everyone loves him and he is quickly learning that he has many aunts and uncles who all want to take a turn entertaining him during puppy play time.

I can't wait for you all to see him in his little "I'm a Service Dog in Training" cape.

Tammie D. Willis, M.M., M.Ed.

Update: June 7, 2011


I thought I would give you an update on Neville.  He made his first trip to Wal-Mart today.   It was just a socialization trip where he gets used to being in a public place and responding to commands in the midst of all the distractions present.  We just worked on the "sit" command today and I must say, he has that down.  The biggest problem is that he is just so adorable that everyone wants to pet him.  He also got a chance to pick out a new toy while we were in the doggy toy aisle.  He picked out the ugliest orange stuff doggy he could find and a new ball.

He is still doing well the other parts of his training.  He has 6 more commands to learn including the dread stay command where he will have to stay while I leave the room for 20 minutes.  We will probably be working on that one for a while...but that's okay since he's not old enough to start the advance training just yet. 

I've included some new pictures.  I don't have his cape yet.  It is supposed to arrive tomorrow but in the meantime, check out Neville at work.

This Neville hanging out in his chair in my office.  He's laid claim to this chair as his spot. Neville is studying NSU's emergency procedures. Here Neville is encouraging students to fill out their FAFSA paperwork for financial aid. Neville fell asleep while doing paperwork.

He has really adjusted well to being in the office with me and everyone just loves having him around.

Tammie D. Willis, M.M., M.Ed.

Update: June 13, 2011

Good morning,

As promised.  Here is little Neville in his service dog in training cape.  I didn't get the patch on it yet in the first picture but did for the second one.  He has visited Wal-Mart, a grocery store, a General Dollar and Love's so far.  He continues to go to work with me everyday and has sat through a number of different meetings.  His command list now includes:  Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Okay, Let's Go, Leave It, Drop It, Bed, Stay (about 70% of the time and for about 2 minutes at a time) and Hurry (command to pee). 

He is growing so fast and his personality is really starting to shine.  He loves to cuddle and play fetch.  He will play fetch for hours.  He also loves his Mr. Binky (the ugly stuffed animal dog he picked out at Wal-Mart).  He wants to take it with him everywhere he goes and gets a bit miffed at me when I make him leave it at home.  He absolutely hates baths but loves to run and play after a bath, which has on one occasion led to another bath because he rolled around in a pile of old leaves and mud. Oh and how he loves his tummy rubbed.  Whenever you go to pet him, he flops down and rolls and his back giving you prime access for tummy rubs.

He is a dog that communicates well too.  When he wants to go out, he goes and sits by the door.  When he is out of water, he brings me his water bowl.  He does the same thing with his food bowl.  He also wakes me up each morning when my alarm clock goes off with puppy kisses. He tells me when someone is knocking at my door in my home as well as my office.  It is just amazing what he picks up  and how quickly he learns it all. 

I was recently contacted by someone inquiring about training a service animal.  She may be contacting you the near future to meet Neville's siblings.  I told her that if she adopted a pup from you all, I would help her train her pup into a service animal. 

Enjoy the new pictures and I will continue to send you updates.

Tammie D. Willis, M.M., M.Ed.


Update: August 3, 2011

Sorry it has taken me so long to provide another Neville Update.  Things have been incredibly busy between work and training Neville. 

Oh how he has grown.  While he has gotten quite a bit larger, his loyalty and love has grown just as much.  He is currently sitting on my lap as I write this email.  His training is going well.  He seems to embrace it as though he knows what I need him to do.  He has all his commands down cold and is already performing 4 of his 5 basic service skills.

He tells me when someone is at the door, when my alarm clock goes off, when someone text messages me and when my fire alarm sounds.  He has one more basic service skill to learn which is to notify me when someone calls my name.  After that we will start working on the more advanced and personal service skills such as alerting me to microwave ding, an oven timer, dryer buzzer, sirens and cars.

We are still working on socialization skills such as not jumping on people, asking to be petted (i.e. sitting patiently), waiting without whining and other things he needs to be able to do in public.  He still goes everywhere with me including Chili's, frequent Walmart trips, getting a haircut and going to the office with me daily.  He has made lots of new friends.

He's has some interesting habits though--he likes to try to depants people and for those of you who know Russ Wade--well, lets just say that Neville thinks Russ buns taste good.  Neville has picked up on his training so incredibly quick that sometimes it is hard to remember that he is still a puppy.  He takes his job seriously and is so eager to please which makes watching him hang from Russ' butt so incredibly funny to watch.  He has such a fun personality that matches how hard he works and how smart he is.  All around, he is a wonderful pup.  I'm so glad that we found each other and couldn't ask for a better friend.

I've included some pictures.  Some of them are newer and some of them show Neville in all his glory.

Tammie D. Willis, M.M., M.Ed.


Watch for more from Ms. Willis as she promises to keep us posted on lucky Neville!



Rowdy & Shane

My name is Rowdy, I am an apricot poodle and my brother is Shane, a black poodle.  We were dumped into a ditch and abandoned by our first people.  We didn't have any food or a house to get out of the rain and after awhile without food I was too weak to go on and Shane had to try to protect us both.  Then a woman who helps unloved dogs spotted Shane and he ended up leading her to me, I had fallen into a hole and was too weak to climb out.  She pulled me into her lap and just loved on me until Shane got brave enough to come near.  Thank goodness she showed up because I wouldn't have lasted much longer.  She took Shane and I to a place where other dogs were staying and she cleaned us up, gave us food and water and a warm bed to curl up in.  Shane and I were still scared but we learned to trust the woman who brought us here. 

A few weeks later some people came in and said they read about us in a newspaper ad and wanted to see us and only US!!  We loved visiting with them and being carried around but they left and we stayed at the dog place. Two days later we were so surprised when those people came back for us and took us to our forever home!  Now we are loved and spoiled, fed good food and we have a big fenced-in yard to run and play in. Finally now we can sleep without worrying what will happen to us.  Finally.

Before and After Pictures

                                     Rowdy                &              Shane


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