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Smart Choices Spay and Neuter Clinic is a  Non-Profit Organization
that provides low cost spay/neuter for families with incomes under $40,000.00 per year.

DOGS -     $30.00
CATS -      $30.00
PUPPIES -  $30.00
KITTENS - $30.00
(This service also includes the rabies vaccination!)

Smart Choices Spay and Neuter Clinic is Located At:
2282 North Broadway
Checotah, Oklahoma 74426

Please Call for an appointment:
(918)260-3530 or (918)473-0017



Cleopatra has been found and is back home with her family.  Checotah would like to thank everyone for keeping their eyes out for her.  The owner appreciates everyone who helped to find her and is so happy to have her back. 

Pet overpopulation is a crisis in Oklahoma!
  • Pets that are spayed or neutered remain healthier and are less likely to roam.

  • Sterilization of puppies and kittens before they have just one litter will reduce the euthanization of 2 million unwanted animals in just ONE YEAR!

In the winter, adequate shelter is essential to provide warmth and keep the dog dry. Dogs need to have a comfortable and safe place to escape the cold snow and harsh chilling winds. A large doghouse with blankets or straw bedding works well. Make sure the opening to the doghouse is not facing the wind. Some people choose to equip the doghouse with heat. This should be professionally done. Heating pads or heating lights powered by electric cords is not recommended. Curious dogs can chew the cords and create a serious hazard.

The bedding within the doghouse will need to be changed periodically. The straw can become moldy and the blankets can become dirty and wet. Moldy straw can create a variety of skin and respiratory problems. Dirty and wet blankets can make the dog very uncomfortable and lead to illness.

Click here for -----> More Helpful Winter Tips



A donation was made to our shelter by Joe Heard in memory of Putz, the treasured pet of Vera and Kenny Updike.
Putz passed away last night and we want to extend our condolences to the Updikes for the loss of their pet.


All adoptions are $50.00,  all dogs are wormed, given pet meds, shots, and spayed or neutered.

Congratulations Checotah Shelter!!
Our New Facility is Open!!

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CATS Foundation Helps Fund Checotah Animal Shelter

Donations, large or small are greatly appreciated.
Payable to:

Checotah Animal Shelter
C/O Kate Paris
P O Box 1083
Checotah, OK 74426



Raise money for Checotah "Happy Paws" Animal Shelter just by searching the internet with or shopping online with, every penny counts!!

A Note of Thanks for Our Wonderful Friends!

Our many thanks to all who help. No act of kindness is too small - everything done for the animals is appreciated. We couldn't do it without all of you !!

We would like to thank Rick George for bringing us samples of Vetericyn for our dogs.  We had an outbreak of ringworms and use the Vetericyn on our dogs and it cleared it up.  We have also used it on hotspots and other wounds and it works great.  Thanks again from all of us and the dogs, here at the shelter.

A special thanks to Jessica Venick of Canada, who sent us a box full of handmade bandanas that she and her mom created for our dogs.  We were unable to thank her earlier because her return address had been rubbed off and we were unable to read it.  So, Jessica, if you are reading this, we received your lovely bandanas and thanks from all of us at the Checotah Shelter. 


 "Check out the shelter .. rescue one that doesn't know what love is .. then watch the change .. its priceless .. it becomes your
bestest friend :)"
 Steph and her precious Carrie can be found on the 'Tails of Success' page.


If any person viewing our website witnesses animal cruelty in McIntosh County,
Oklahoma, please contact Bernita Rittenhouse at 806-339-1362.
Together we can stop this horrible crime, one animal at a time! 

Bernita Rittenhouse

Non-profit organization placing rescued pets in loving homes.
This is Kate and as you can see she is surrounded by her four legged children. These pups were rescued in horrible living conditions in McIntosh County. They were locked in a house for two months and only eating twice a week. By the look on their faces, they are happy to be at the shelter. With the help of GOD above, Carrie Underwood, the McIntosh Sheriff's Dept., all the shelter volunteers, Bernita's big gun and the leader of the pack-Kate Paris, these wonderful dogs get a second chance at a better life. So, I guess they have the right to smile.....Everyday there are thousands of animals that are abused, living in conditions they do not choose, not having food or drink for days and sometimes weeks and enduring pain and not having a voice to ask for help. It is up to each one of us to speak out for an abused animal so PLEASE if you see signs of abuse or a neglected animal, contact your local police department, sheriff's dept or animal alliance group because animal abuse can be stopped one animal at a time!

Checotah (Happy Paws) Animal Shelter

Shelter hours are from 3:30pm-5:30pm everyday.  Someone is there everyday at that time, seven days a week.  If you can’t come during that time, you can call Kate and she will make arrangements to meet you at the shelter.


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